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  • Our School



    Martin Luther School Shanghai Changqing campus cooperates with Martin Luther School of New York City and Shanghai Changqing Middle School of Shanghai, China. The school has an ambitious teaching program, offering many American courses, and students can obtain an American high school diploma once they have completed the required credits. So far, 50% of the students have been admitted to the top 50 universities in the United States, 15% in the top 20 universities in the UK and 10% in the top 50 universities in Japan. Some of the world's famous art students have been admitted to universities around the world.


    Martin Luther School

    Martin Luther School was a fully accredited school in New York.it is accredited institution certified by Middle States Association(MSA)New York State Association of Independent Schools(NYSAIS)and New York State Board of Regents.We have been serving students in grades 6-12for 62years. For more information, please visit https://www. martinluthernyc.org.


    School Mission

    Let excellent teachers from all over the world lead Chinese students to a better future. Let students embrace opportunities and become global citizens of the new era.We do everything we can to instill in our students: a strong sense of self; the ability to realize their personal sense of achievement and career aspirations; a global vision; and a strong, moral compass to guide their lives.


    School Community

    The school is located in Shanghai, the most prosperous city in China. There are the most advanced municipal facilities in the world and the most magnificent modern building complex. It gathers people of various nationalities from all over the world and integrates the best culture of all countries in the world. Here, we can give students the best international education and the best international cultural influence.


    School Facts

    100% of graduates continue their education in colleges. Student to teacher ratio is 6:1. More than 10 College-level classes are available as electives. All the students participated in the activities of supporting teaching in primary schools in poor mountainous areas. Some students participated in the AMC between 2018 and 2020, and achieved proud results. Students who like art have won many awards in international competitions.



    President of School: Bill Chen

    Program Director: George Wang

    Academic Dean: Hana Liu


    Contact Informat


    No.151 Daxiu Road, Pudong New District,Shanghai, 201201 China

    Tel: +86-21-64013684



    College Counseling Office


    George Wang wangkai@martinluthersh.com


    Hana Liu  counselor@martinluthersh.com

  • Holistic Curriculum

    Since 2018, Shanghai Changqing campus has opened a small number of AP courses for students in need. Students under Grade 10 are not allowed to take AP courses, and 2 courses can be taken in Grade 11.

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    Core Courses

    English (4)

    English 9, 10, 11, 12

    Honors English 10, 11, 12


    Mathematics (3)

    Algebra I

    Algebra II

    Honors Algebra II

    Geometry Honors



    Honors Pre-Calculus

    AP Calculus


    Social Studies (4)

    Ancient World History

    Modern World History

    US History

    Honors US History




    Science (3) ** 

    Biology (LivingEnvironment)

    Earth Science


    Honors Physics


    World Language (2)

    American Sign Language I, II, III

    Japanese N5,N4,N3,N2

    Chinese 9,10,11,12


    Skill (1)

    Computer science

    Technical drawing

    3D painting


    Physical Education (2)

    PE 9,10,11,12

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    Required Electives

    Art I (0.5)

    Health (0.5)

    Music (may take any optional elective) (0.5)

    ^ ^ can be filled with an optional elective class

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    Optional Electives

    Art II Illustrator

    Major Art


    Studio Art Yearbook


    Advanced Jazz Band* Chorus

    Introductory Band

    Film Making

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    College Courses

    Biology Chemistry




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    Chapel Committee

    Drama Club

    International Thespian Society

    Invictus (Yearbook)

    National Honor Society

    National Junior Honor Society

    Student Council

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    Jazz Ensembles

    Art/ Fitness / Cheerleading



    World Culture

  • Graduation Requirements

    In order to receive a high school diploma from Martin Luther School, a Chinese student must:

    ·Complete 24.5 credits and 32 hours of community service

    ·TOEFL must reach 65 or IELTS must reach 5.5

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    Students are permitted to take a maximum of eight credits per year.

    Half credit classes meet every other day for a full school year or every day for one semester.


    The attendance rate of all students should not be lower than 95% in order to obtain credits.


    Once students complete the required courses within a subject, they are encouraged to take more challenging courses to prepare themselves for college and further their education.

  • Curriculum and Accreditation

    ·Grade point averages reflect a student’s weighted average; college, honors, and AP courses.

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  • School Life

    The latest news, events, ideas and happenings from our School.

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    Huangpu District Art Exhibition
    volunteer activity

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    art collection

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    School Campus

    Wall Painting Activities

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    Caring for the elderly volunteer activity

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    Visit the site of the First Congress of the Communist Party

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    school autumn tour

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    Opening Ceremony

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    amusement park

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    Christmas Eve

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    Christmas Eve

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    cos play day

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    cos play day

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    collective birthday

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    ancient culture

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    ancient culture

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    parent meeting

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    Awards ceremony

  • Contact



    Contact Information

    Address: No.151 Daxiu Road, Pudong New District, Shanghai, 201201 China

    Phone: +86-21-64013684


    General Enquiries



    College Counseling Office

    Director: wangkai@martinluthersh.com

    Counselor: counselor@martinluthersh.com